Basset, Christiane
  • Full name: Basset, Christiane
  • Vice-president of the National Union of Family Associations (UNAF), member of the High Council for Family, Children and the Elderly (HCFEA), member of the National Ethics Advisory Committee (CCNE)
  • Group: Diversity Europe (Group III)
  • Sections:
    • Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society
    • Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship
  • Languages: French
  • Represented Country: France
  • Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since: 21/09/2015
  • Biography:
    Protection sociale, famille, sante, vieillesse.
  • Areas of interest:
    • Humanitarian aid
    • Employment and social affairs
    • Education, training, youth
    • Public health
    • Agriculture
    • Food safety
    • Transport
  •  Declaration of interests
  • Member

      • INT/863 – vehicle safety / protection of vulnerable road users
      • SOC/585 - The situation of Roma women
      • SOC/581 - Access to social protection
      • SOC/574 - The costs of non-immigration (and non-integration)
      • SOC/572 - Working conditions directive
      • SOC/554 - Right of persons with disabilities to vote in EP elections
      • EESC Social Economy Category