09 October 2015


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Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 21 September 2010
Declaration of interest
Γενική Γραμματέας του Κέντρου Προστασίας Καταναλωτών (ΚΕΠΚΑ), μέλος του Εθνικού Συμβουλίου Καταναλωτών και Αγοράς (ΕΣΚΑ), τακτικό Μέλος Ε.Ο.Κ.Ε., τακτικό μέλος ΕΣΟΚ (Ευυρωπαική Συμβουλευτική Ομάδα Καταναλωτών)

Representation:  Greece
Languages:  Greek, English, French
Website:  http://www.kepka.org   
Group:  Group III (Various Interests)
Section INT Section (INT)
TEN Section (TEN)
Name of Alternate:  Nikolaos Tsemperlidis
Areas of interest:  Competition, Agriculture, Audiovisual and media, Consumers, Education, training, youth, Energy, Environment, Food safety, Information society, Internal market, Research and innovation, Transport, Καταναλωτές
Social networks: 
President of
Vice President of
Single Market Observatory (SMO)
Member of
Bureau - Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption
TEN/577 Public consultation process on a new energy market design
TEN/578 Delivering a New Deal for Energy Consumers
Permanent Study Group "European Energy Community"
Smart Islands - project (first part)
Association NameCodeDescriptionURL
ΚΕ.Π.ΚΑ. ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΤΩΝconsumershttp://www.kepka.org