28 August 2015


Carlos TRIAS PINTÓ Contact this member
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 19 January 2009
Declaration of interest
Director de la Asociación General de Consumidores (Asgeco Confederación), director de la Unión de Cooperativas de Consumidores y Usuarios de España (Unccue)
Director of the General Association of Consumers (ASGECO); Director of the Spanish Union of Consumer Cooperatives (UNCCUE)
Representation:  Spain
Languages:  Spanish, French, English
Address:  Plaza de Navafría 3, Bajo
28027 Madrid
Group:  Group III (Various Interests)
Section Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI)
ECO Section (ECO)
INT Section (INT)
Name of Alternate:  Martin Schmalzried
Areas of interest:  Food safety, Consumers, Economic and monetary affairs, Budget, industrial policy
Social networks: 
President of
ECO/357 - Completing EMU - the next European legislatureView opinions
Rapporteur of
ECO/371 -Role of cooperative and savings banks in territorial cohesionView opinions
ECO/378 - Economy for the Common Good
Member of
EESC Bureau
Group III members of the EESC bureau
ECO/375 - Economic governance reviewView opinions
ECO/377 - A European tax as an EU own resource
ECO/379 - Capital Markets UnionView opinions
ECO/383 - Action Plan on Fairer Corporate Taxation
EESC social economy category
Conference ''Europe 2020 – paths for reinventing Europe's future"
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Enlarged presidency + Section presidents
Europe 2020 Steering Committee
EESC Liaison Group/European organised civil society
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PERMANENT STUDY GROUP: Economic Policy Coordination