12 February 2016


Krzysztof PATER Contact this member
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 21 September 2006
Declaration of interest
Były wiceprzewodniczący Związku Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP)

Representation:  Poland
Languages:  Polish, English, Russian
Group:  Group III (Various Interests)
Section SOC Section (SOC)
ECO Section (ECO)
Name of Alternate: 
Areas of interest:  Budget, Economic and monetary affairs, Education, training, youth, Enterprise, External relations, Human rights, Humanitarian aid, Justice, freedom and security, Taxation, Customs, Development, Employment and social affairs, External trade, Fight against fraud, Foreign and security policy, Public health, Regional policy
President of
ECO/384 - Action Plan on Capital Markets Union
ECO/385 - Legal framework for securitisationView opinions
ECO/388 - Prospectus Directive
ECO/399 - EU Budget – focus on real results
EU-Japan Follow-up Committee
Vice President of
Labour Market Observatory (LMO)
Rapporteur of
Member of
Group III Bureau
ECO/389 - Recovery and resolution of central counterparties
ECO/394 - Steps towards Completing EMU
SOC/533 - Changing employment relationships/living wage
SOC/539 - Towards a coherent EU labour migration policy
Ad-hoc group "To simplify the application of the MFS"
EESC Social Economy Category
EU-Republic of Korea Domestic Advisory Group
Groupe budgétaire