31 August 2015


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Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 21 September 2006
Declaration of interest
Deputy Chief Equality Commissioner - Northern Ireland. Consultant specialising in communications and international exchange of experience initiatives. Former Deputy Speaker of the NI Assembly and elected Member representing the NI Women's Coalition. Former EC representative to Northern Ireland. Former BBC correspondent. Vice-president of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

Representation:  United Kingdom
Languages:  English, French
Group:  Group III (Various Interests)
Section TEN Section (TEN)
SOC Section (SOC)
Name of Alternate:  Timothy James Magowan
Areas of interest:  Audiovisual and media, Culture, Development, Energy, External relations, Foreign and security policy, Human rights, Regional policy, Transport, peace-building, conflict resolution, womens issues, international relations
Vice President of
EESC Bureau
ESC Enlarged presidency
Enlarged presidency + Section presidents
EESC Liaison Group/European organised civil society
Rapporteur of
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Group III members of the EESC bureau
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