13 February 2016


Stefano PALMIERI Contact this member
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 27 October 2009
Declaration of interest
Area Politiche Europee ed Internazionali della Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (CGIL)

Representation:  Italy
Languages:  Italian, English, French
Address:  Corso d'Italia 25
00198 Roma
E-mail address: 
  • s.palmieri@cgil.it
Date of birth:  26/12/1960
Group:  Group II (Workers)
Section Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption (INT)
ECO Section (ECO)
Areas of interest:  Economic and monetary affairs, Employment and social affairs, Development, Regional policy
President of
ECO/386 - Future of the EU Urban Agenda
ECO/389 - Recovery and resolution of central counterparties
ECO/392 - Euro area external representation
INT/787 – Effectiveness of policies for SMEs
Rapporteur of
Member of
EESC Bureau
Single Market Observatory
"Single Market, Production and Consumption" Bureau
ECO/388 - Prospectus Directive
ECO/393 - European Deposit Insurance Scheme
ECO/396 - Maximising the contribution of ESI Funds
ECO/397 - Euro area economic policy (2016)
ECO/403 - Lack of European competitiveness to create start-ups
INT/772 - Retail financial services and insurance
INT/774 - Modernisation of copyright rules
INT/777 - Control of the acquisition and possession of weapons
INT/781 - Portability of online content services
INT/783 - European standardisation 2016
INT/784 - The functional economy
INT/788 - Transposition practices
REX/455 - Future of EU's relations with ACP Group of countries
ACP-EU Follow-up Committee
Contact Group EU-China
Europe 2020 Steering Committee
Group II Members of the EESC Bureau
Second meeting of the EU-Africa Network of Economic and Social Actors
EU-China Raund Table