21 December 2014


Xavier VERBOVEN Contact this member
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 10 October 1990
Declaration of interest
Gewezen Algemeen Secretaris van het Algemeen Belgisch Vakverbond (ABVV)
Former General Secretary, Belgian General Federation of Labour (ABVV/FGTB)
Representation:  Belgium
Languages:  Dutch, French, English
Group:  Group II (Workers)
Section SOC section (SOC)
Section for External Relations (REX)
Name of Alternate: 
President of
SOC/448 -The involvement and participation of older people in societyView opinions
SOC/464 - UN Convention - Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesView opinions
27th Meeting of the ACP-EU Economic and Social Interest Groups
ACP-EU Follow-up Committee
Vice President of
SOC Bureau
Rapporteur of
SOC/506 – EU Justice Policy View opinions
Member of
EESC Bureau
Labour Market Observatory (LMO)
REX 410 - Investment
REX/390 - US FTAView opinions
REX/433 - TTIP and its impact on SMEs
SOC/423 - Articles 11.1 and 11.2 of the Lisbon TreatyView opinions
SOC/445 – Potential of young people with high intellectual abilitiesView opinions
SOC/503 – Youth employment measures – Best practicesView opinions
SOC/507 – Social dialogue in the context of the EMU View opinions
SOC/509 – Institutions for Occupational Retirement Pensions View opinions
SOC/511 – Undeclared work/European PlatformView opinions
SOC/512 – Health and safety at work – Strategic Framework 2014-2020 View opinions
SOC/513 – Inclusion of migrant women in the labour market
SOC/516 – Effective, accessible and resilient health systems
SOC/518 – Fostering creativity, entrepreneurship and mobility
8th EU-Latin America and Carribean Organised Civil Society Meeting
Ad hoc group monitoring activities of the EESC during the European Year for Development 2015
Ad Hoc Group on Disability
Social dialogue in the context of a genuine EMU
EESC participation Civil Society Consultative Committee EU-Cariforum
Europe 2020 Steering Committee
European Migration Forum
Group II Members of the EESC Bureau
"My Europe ... tomorrow!" project
REX/269 - Follow-up Committee on International Trade
REX 418 - Follow-up on TTIP opinion
Meeting with African civil society organisations
SC/037 - Dialogue on values
SOC/348 - Immigration and Integration
Universities for Europe