09 October 2015


Xavier VERBOVEN Contact this member
Alternate of the European Economic and Social Committee since 07 October 2015
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Representation:  Belgium
Languages:  Dutch, English, French
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President of
SOC/464 - UN Convention - Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesView opinions
Vice President of
Rapporteur of
Member of
REX/449 - Review of the EU Trade Policy
SOC/423 - Articles 11.1 and 11.2 of the Lisbon TreatyView opinions
SOC/524 – Engaged universities shaping Europe
SOC/525 – A European Agenda on Migration
Ad hoc group monitoring activities of the EESC during the European Year for Development 2015
Conference ''Europe 2020 – paths for reinventing Europe's future"
Social dialogue in the context of a genuine EMU
"My Europe ... tomorrow!" project