01 December 2015


Madi SHARMA Contact this member
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 21 September 2002
Declaration of interest
Entrepreneur with businesses in the import-export, education and commodities sectors. Consultant in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, corporate social responsibility, gender equality, diversity and social inclusion

Representation:  United Kingdom
Languages:  English, Hindi, French, German
Website:  http://entrepreneurenvoy.org/   http://extraordinary-education.org/   http://madisharma.org   http://westt.eu/   
Group:  Group I (Employers)
Section Section REX (REX)
SOC Section (SOC)
Name of Alternate:  Spiro Dhapi
Areas of interest:  Budget, Development, Education, training, youth, Employment and social affairs, Enterprise, External relations, External trade, Human rights, Research and innovation, Public health, Entrepreneurship, CSR, Gender,
Social networks: 
President of
EU-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Civil Society JCC
Rapporteur of
Member of
NAT/672 CAP simplification
REX/448 Women in the Euromed region
EESC SMEs, crafts and professions category
Delegation for the conference "Boosting social enterprises in Europe"
GR I Milan
Permanent Study Group on Disability rights
Inclusion of Roma
Euromed Summit