02 September 2015


Filip HAMRO-DROTZ Contact this member
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 01 January 1995
Declaration of interest
Asiantuntija - Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto (EK)
Senior Adviser, Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)
Representation:  Finland
Languages:  Swedish, English, Finnish, German, French
Group:  Group I (Employers)
Section SOC Section (SOC)
ECO Section (ECO)
REX Section (REX)
Name of Alternate:  Janica Ylikarjula
President of
REX/400 - Civil society in RussiaView opinions
EU-Iceland JCC
Rapporteur of
CCMI/132 - Fight corruption
Member of
Group I Bureau (31 members)
Single Market Observatory (SMO)
ECO/368 - EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (exploratory opinion requested by the European Commission)View opinions
REX/438 - Euromed post-2015 objectivesView opinions
Towards a new European neighbourhood policyView opinions
Category Transport
European Economic Area Consultative Committee
EU-Russia Civil Society Forum 2015
End of mandate event
GRI Bonn June 2015
GRI Riga