31 August 2015


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Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 03 March 1981
Declaration of interest
Διευθύντρια του Τμήματος των Διεθνών και Ευρωπαϊκών Θεμάτων της Ένωσης Ελλήνων Εφοπλιστών (EEE)
Director - International/EU Affairs - Union of Greek Shipowners (EEE)
Representation:  Greece
Languages:  Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish
Group:  Group I (Employers)
Section TEN Section (TEN)
REX Section (REX)
Name of Alternate: 
President of
Vice President of
Group I presidency
Group I Bureau (31 members)
Rapporteur of
REX 402 - EU Maritime Security StrategyView opinions
Member of
Category Transport
EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee
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Working methods - EP referrals