Širhalová, Martina
  • Full name: Širhalová, Martina
  • Project manager, Federation of Employers' Associations of the Slovak Republic (AZZZ SR)
  • Group: Employers' Group (Group I)
  • Sections:
    • Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society
    • Section for External Relations
    • Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship
  • Name of the alternate: Španiková, Miriam
  • Languages: Slovak, English, German, Czech, Hungarian
  • Represented Country: Slovakia
  • Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since: 21/09/2015
  • Biography:
    Martina Širhalová , MBA is working as a project manager in Federation of employers’ associations since 2011. Responsible for Managing of projects where is the FEA involved in, preparation of statements, preparation of documents needed for preparatio
  • Areas of interest:
    • Foreign and security policy
    • External trade
    • Energy
    • External relations
    • Transport
    • Enterprise
  •  Declaration of interests
  • Member

      • Communication Group
      • REX/183 - Eastern Neighbours Follow-up Committee
      • SOC/585 - The situation of Roma women
      • SOC/570 - Future of work/skills
      • Europe 2020 Steering Committee