Croughan, David
  • Full name: Croughan, David
  • Co-Chairman, Economists' Group, Institute of International and European Affairs, Dublin; former head of economics and taxation, Irish Business and Employers Confederation; former chairman of the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee, BUSINESSEUROPE
  • Group: Employers' Group (Group I)
  • Sections:
    • Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption
    • Section for External Relations
    • Section for Economic and Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion
  • Name of the alternate: Roussenova, Lena
  • Languages: English
  • Represented Country: Éire-Ireland
  • Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since: 21/09/2010
  • Biography:
    Main area of skills is macro economics with particular interest in economic governance in the euro area
  •  Declaration of interests
  • President

  • Vice President

  • Rapporteur-General

  • Rapporteur

      • ECO/438 - Deepening EMU by 2025
  • Co-rapporteur

  • Member

      • ECO/475 - Euro area economic policy 2018 (additional opinion)
      • ECO BUREAU
      • ECO/439 - EU finances by 2025
      • Europe 2020 Steering Committee