Lustenhouwer, Colin
  • Full name: Lustenhouwer, Colin
  • Director/general counsel and chief compliance officer of DELTA N.V., European affairs adviser of the Royal Association MKB-Nederland
  • Group: Employers' Group (Group I)
  • Sections:
    • Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption
    • Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society
  • Web sites:
  • Name of the alternate: Van Mierlo, Wilhelmus Marinus Joseph Marie
  • Languages: Dutch, German, French, English
  • Represented Country: Netherlands
  • Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since: 25/01/1989
  • Biography:
    corporate law, eu legislation, energylaw, business economics, management, compliance & corporate governement, sme policy, internal market regulation, competition policy, business finance,
  • Areas of interest:
    • Competition
    • Energy
    • Enterprise
    • Information society
    • Internal market
    • Economic and monetary affairs
    • Consumers
    • Culture
  •  Declaration of interests
  • Rapporteur

  • Member

      • INT/836 - Illegal content/online platforms
      • The EESC's SMEs, Professions and Crafts Category