Krzaklewski, Marian
  • Full name: Krzaklewski, Marian
  • Member of the National Commission of the NSZZ "Solidarność" Trade Union, Coordinator of EU legal affairs and NSZZ "Solidarność" representatives in structural fund monitoring and steering committees, Vice-chairman of the Council of European Professional and Managerial Staff, P&MS EUROCADRES
  • Group: Workers' Group (Group II)
  • Sections:
    • Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society
    • Section for Economic and Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion
    • Consultative Commission on Industrial Change
  • Date of birth: 23/08/1950
  • Languages: Polish, English, French, Italian, Russian
  • Represented Country: Poland
  • Member of the European Economic and Social Committee since: 01/05/2004
  • Biography:
    My organisation - NSZZ “Solidarnosc” The Independent and Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarnosc” was founded as a result of worker protests and established on the basis of the Gdańsk Accords signed on 31st August 1980 by the Inter-enterprise Stri
  •  Declaration of interests
  • President

      • NAT/710 - Emissions trading scheme on aviation activities
      • ECO/413 - Amendment EuVECA and EuSEF
  • Vice President

      • TEN BUREAU
  • Rapporteur

      • CCMI/152 - LeaderSHIP
  • Member

      • CCMI/154 - European Defence Industrial Development Programme (saisine)
      • TEN/636 - Access to the international road haulage market and the occupation of road transport opera
      • SOC/562 - Skills / New forms of work
      • Gr. II members of CCMI + Cat. 2 delegates
      • TEN Permanent Study Group "Implementation of the White Paper on Transport"
      • Members' IT Group